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Why You Should Stop Streaming 'Bullrider' and 'Poker Face'

Updated: Jan 18

Let me share information that may make you consider streaming my music differently in the future. It is affecting my identity negatively, not only as an artist but as a woman. Even if it means nothing to most people, I am very interested in sharing it with you.

With the most respect for my past work, stop streaming 'Bullrider,' 'Poker Face,' and other releases I don't own. Why?

You are not supporting me when you download and stream this music. Your money goes to a major label called Sony Music, an entity that did not let me record my own songs, which you asked for. I haven't earned any cent from these releases. It is not necessarily only about money. The main point of this blog post is that as an artist, one might feel misunderstood sometimes because the music business is challenging. What Sony Music did is affecting my identity. Honestly speaking, I never liked this album 'Bullrider.' It has nothing to do with me as an artist and songwriter. I felt misplaced and used. Some people listen to this music and need to learn about my original songs and the truth behind this album 'Bullrider.'

I understand that some of you like these thirteen-year-old versions from 'Bullrider.' It's nothing but a sign of respect if you turn it off, though. However, since I started my 'Remedy' project (you can read more about it on my homepage), I will record, produce, and release my own 'Bullrider' version for you. It will include tracks I would have chosen in 2010, and I will arrange and produce them in a style that I like: pop, rock, and folk.

Further Explanation:

I have tried to work with several people over the past 20 years, and sadly, some of the time, I have had terrible experiences. Despite always knowing what I wanted and not getting it, I remained open and flexible. Now, my openness might come across as a mistake. However, as a young teenager and as a young adult, I tried several album projects in a land and at a time where I missed this nourishing foundation as I experience today. I searched for connections and a deeper understanding for the kind of music I wanted to do—pop/rock. 

I didn't grow up rich. I didn't live in Nashville, surrounded by music talent. 

Artists depend on their fans' understanding and support, especially when the situation is as 'messed up' as mine. I see it as my responsibility to talk about this openly and let you know the truth. It is not the responsibility of Sony Music, or other people I worked with in the past 20 years (or more). You should know where your money is ending up, and when you stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, etc., all 13 tracks from the album 'Bullrider' and the single 'Poker Face' I do not get one single cent. 

Stream 'Unsent' instead!

Thank you,

Meg Pfeiffer

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