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Why You Should Stop Streaming 'Bullrider' and 'Poker Face'

Let me share information with you that maybe will make you consider streaming my music differently in the future. For years this topic laid heavily on my chest, drowned me and I certainly overthought everything, but I had to. Because it is affecting my identity negatively, not only as an artist, but as a human and as a woman, too. This is about my life, not just about my music. And even if it means nothing to most people out there, I still have a huge interest in sharing with you.

I kindly ask you with the most respect that I have for my past work, please stop streaming 'Bullrider', 'Poker Face' and other releases that I had removed from online platforms. Why?

You are not supporting me, when you download and stream this music. You are throwing all your money to a major label called Sony Music. I didn’t earn from these releases till today. Your money goes to the entity, that did not let me record my own songs, which you asked for. Truth is, I actually had released my own music before Sony Music and after. Most of them I had to take down, but you can listen to my newest album 'Unsent', to give you a direction. I understand that some of you like these thirteen-year old versions from ‚Bullrider’, but true support for my own creations means you follow my lead. To me it’s nothing but a sign of respect, if you turn off 'Bullrider'.

And by the way: Thank you for the 300,000 streams for ‚Unsent‘. That's insane!

Further Explanation:

My music catalogue is such a mess, because I tried to work with several people over the past 20 years, and sadly most times I made bad experiences. Despite always knowing what I wanted, releasing my own songs since childhood, I tried to remain open and flexible. Now my openness might come across as a mistake. However, as a young teenager I tried several album projects of mine in a land and at a time, where I missed this nourishing foundation as I experience nowadays. I searched for connections and a deeper understanding for making own music. I didn't grow up rich. I didn't live in Nashville, surrounded by music talent. I reached for any chance I could find, and there were not many.

That being said, I was never a country girl and cover singer, since Sony Music put so much emphasis on exactly these two parts. I had not much to say on the chess board, since I was just a pawn to them. Plus, I trusted them, because I chose to. However, I know there are literally wrong facts about me on the internet. I wish to clarify certain things, even if it is out of my control what people write about me. I am done fighting against windmills, but hear me out before you scroll away.

I understand there are bigger problems in the world, and that’s also what makes me hold back so often in my life - as an artist and as a woman. I don’t complain or demand fancy things. Instead, I write down everyday what I am thankful for.

Past encounters in the music business fill me with sadness and deep loneliness, so that I had to let go of every single person, friend, producer or manager I met, who wasn’t able to accept my choice of doing my music in my own way.

At some point I just had enough. Especially after my Dad’s passing, I swore to myself to only focus on my dream. Life can be over any second, and I would want to die with peace in my heart. I am not allowing anyone anymore to manipulate my flexibility and my openness to cage me into an exclusive right for themselves.

This freedom, recording and releasing alone allowed me to be who I am and to go crazy on my songwriting and my music productions for the first time in my life. I wish I could've had these chances before, but regretting my past would be a wrong turn, once again. Because somehow I managed to release a 23-track ‘Nope’, a 3-track ‘Winter Tales’, a 22-track ‘Unsent’ and a bunch of other singles, like ‘No Money’ or ‘The Moment of Love’ and more. And I am not done yet. I actually just started.

Now, despite all this freedom that comes with it, I am not a big major label with many connections and a lot of opportunities. I started from scratch without any tools and little money. When I release a new album, like ‚Unsent’, it doesn’t have the same impact on the market as ‘Bullrider’, that was pushed by Sony Music. Frankly and openly spoken, I don’t have the money to invest in such gigantic promotions to get even just a fraction of what a major label can do. Once I heard an experienced musician saying, that you would need ca. $200,000 to break through in the music market and to enter the official charts. Most of the things you hear on the radio got financed and therefore, pushed.

Artists depend on their fans' understanding and support, especially when the situation is so messed up like mine. I see it clearly as my responsibility to talk about this openly and to let you know the truth. It is not the responsibility of Sony Music, Universal Music or other entities/people I worked with in the past 20 years (or more). They probably couldn't care less. It is my life, my career and my decision to share background information with you. Here you can see which releases are helping. Click on the link below to have access to all songs that I own.

Thank you for your time. I feel respected by you.

Much Love, Meg Pfeiffer

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