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What is the 'Remedy Project'?

To sum it up:

It's the recording, producing, and releasing of all songs I wrote from age 11 until today. In total, this makes 8 new albums. Let me explain it in more detail.

I have written new songs for the 3 albums I will share with you throughout the following years. The first of these 3 will be dropped in the summer of 2024, containing at least 15 tracks. I will share its cover art, all song titles, and the album name this autumn. All made by this Human, and not AI.

The second and third albums will also each come with at least 15 new songs I have written in the past months. Technically, they tell stories from my current life but still cope with my old wounds. I write about the people I meet. Dramatically personal!

However, that's not all. I won't stop with these 3 albums. Since I was extremely young, I have been writing songs and had no chance to release them during my childhood and young adulthood. The plan is the following; After these 3 new records, I want to release my unpublished, first-ever album; songs from age 11 to 20. To give you a taste, I have already released 2 old songs on my album 'Nope' as demo tracks, called 'Meggie's Love' and 'Is It All That I've Wanted.' But this time, I want to give you the studio versions and more.

The journey keeps going. Right after, I will re-record and re-release alternative versions of my second album, 'Man From The Woods,' that I released as a physical copy in 2006. The original CD had 10 songs. That's when I ran out of money. The twenty-year-old me was happy enough to experience her debut album being released. Going to a music studio to record songs was considered a big deal in the old days. The new versions, however, will be recorded in a new way. And I will give you 5 more tracks from that time when I couldn't record them due to lack of money since I used most of my side job income to repay student loans.

After my first and second albums, I signed a contract with Sony Music in 2010, as we all know. The consequence of this adventure was a released album designed by a major record label to make a profit instead of supporting a songwriter. Let's face the facts: I feel no shame for publishing this album 'Bullrider,' but I didn't have much say during its making. That's why my heart wants to drop my own 'Bullrider' version for you, especially since some of my followers like a few of these cover songs. At the moment, I do not earn from this 13-year-old album by Sony Music. Therefore, streaming it won't help me. Please do not stream it and instead wait for my version. Thank you so much!

'Sunshine' was only an acoustic record, which I did in between. Instead of re-releasing this one, I will record studio versions and spread them throughout the other releases. Right before the pandemic in 2020, 'Nope' came out. It was the first time I did everything completely alone. Then I shared my tracks from 'Winter Tales' with you, and the latest album is called 'Unsent,' which I made together with Luca. So glad I managed to drop those cherries already.

I am not done yet:

While working with Sony Music and Universal Music, I always continued writing original songs - yes, I suggested them for my 'Bullrider' record, too. However, the managers and producers did not want them. I am sure my followers always did, though. That's why I will share them with you soon.

Between you and me, I feel like the music industry has taken our fair chance of growing together and developing our relationship. I longed to build a solid and authentic songwriting path. After releasing my first own songs and performing them live for you, long before Sony Music knocked at my door, we were on an honest way, and I remember it was fun. Today I am making amends, partly for other people's mistakes, so I want to release all this music you waited for. Herefore, I will share 2 more albums that contain songs I wrote in my twenties and thirties. To summarize some of my younger works, I will assign one album to each decade. It's honestly an incredible experience that today I am able to publish my music and share it with you. I feel so much gratitude towards you and the opportunities to record and release my music.

This 'Remedy Project' means everything to me. It's not only a dream but also my job and life. I dedicate every second of my time to these albums. Artists focus on singles nowadays, but I prefer creating albums instead. Overall, this project sets the record straight and honestly said, gives me back what wannabe sharks have taken from me in the music business.

How can you support me?

Write about me. In your blog. On your site. In your magazine or newspapers. Play my songs from my latest album 'Unsent' on the radio. Stream it on Spotify. Watch my videos on my YouTube channel or on Luca's YouTube channel. Buy my/our merch. Leave a comment on Instagram. Help me grow. I thank you so much!

P. S.

One more piece of information?

I am not going to release any physical copies of the albums. I will release them only on official streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, and others. I don't want to publish on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, etc., because these pages require a monthly subscription fee from the artist.

The main goal is to make and release music. CDs and vinyl are quite expensive to produce, so rather than spending lots of money on physical goods, I prefer using this money for more recordings. And if everything goes as planned, I will still create some unique merch for you.

Cover Art is not the final one.

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