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'Machine' and 'I Do What I Want' Receive Yet Another Award

On August 27, 2023, Luca and I took part to the virtual award show in Los Angeles held by the InterContinental Music Awards. It was an exciting event and we appreciated every moment of it. Besides taking part to it and meeting many new peers from Nashville through this event, we have received in total two awards; One for 'Machine' as Best Pop Song and one for 'I Do What I Want' as Best Rock Song. It was an incredible feeling since 'Machine' has been selected as the LIT Of The Year at the LIT Talent Awards in 2023 already. The song got much love from you, many nominations and awards. 'I Do What I Want' was a finalist at the American Songwriter Awards in Nashville and others. Both songs are definitely some of my favorites from the 'Unsent' album. It was a duo work that Luca and I published on 11/11/22 with 22 songs. You guys know how much I love double numbers.


'Machine' is a one-chord song performed in the mystical double harmonic scale that has been always one of my favorites. This means, the second and the sixth note in a scale are a semi-tone lower compared to the standard major scale we all know about. This tiny change creates already such a huge difference in emotions and vibes. I am so fascinated by the music theory behind it. Writing a song with only one chord is an extra challenge and puts the cherry on top.

We rolled a music video in Arizona near the Grand Canyon. This music video of the acoustic version got nominated at many film and music video awards. The last award we received is for Best Costume. It was incredibly hot in the Arizona desert, however, I squeezed myself into the black warrior uniform and performed straight for several hours until the drink water supply was gone. I am also glad that no snake or other strange animals attacked me. This is usually my "luck".

I Do What I Want

This songs sticks out on the record as well since I am not singing, but mostly rapping. Never heard me rapping before? In 'I Do What I Want' I speak about someone who made such a big problem out of nothing and created a huge damage to Luca and me. I like writing about the people I meet and 'I Do What I Want' is the classic example. It all started with the bass line that I composed on the piano and it sounded so groovy that the rest of the arrangement fell simply into place. It was so much fun composing this piece and I enjoy the empowering words that I am singing... sorry... rapping. For this track we do not have a video yet nor a lyric video, but I am working hard on all projects I have on my list. Hopefully, I will be able to surprise you with many more new things.

Fun fact: Luca and I both imitate a wolf sound in 'I Do What I Want'. I will never forget the tribal effect this had on me. Ha ha

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