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Meg Pfeiffer Remedy Project




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In 2020, I released 'Nope' with 23 songs and, shortly after, in 2022, the 22-track LP 'Unsent' with Luca. Years before that, in 2010, I published 'Bullrider' under Sony Music as my second album. 'Man From The Woods' was the first record I released in 2006 without any music label. 'Sunshine' was an acoustic recording I shared with you in 2015.

Now, I want to do a more extensive project, which will be larger than anything I have done before. It involves producing and releasing all the songs I have written since age 11 and, additionally, all new tracks I have composed in the past months. These songs will create my next nine music albums, which I will drop within the following few years. I call this project Remedy.

Short explanation: There were decades when I couldn't release my music the way I believed was suitable for my identity for various reasons. One of them was that former record labels wouldn't let me publish my own songs. But hey, I am not a victim because I am beyond grateful that I have founded my own music studio and record label to finally produce and publish all my songs how I like them. Remedy is another word for cure, which means that by doing this project, I will set the record straight and correct this past mistake. I can finally do what I have always dreamt about since I was a kid.

Let me give you a teaser:

The first four Remedy albums are deeply connected and contain songs I wrote in the past months. The last five Remedy albums are filled with songs from my teenage years, 20s, and 30s. I can't wait to be the person I always wanted to be: a songwriter and a music producer. Starting with this Remedy project, every song will get a lyric video that I create and upload on my channel.


And don't forget to check out all the music videos I have produced and directed. They are a part of my life, too.

P. S. This year, 2024, I have two more surprises for you.

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