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Remedy Project

To sum it up: 

It's the recording, producing, and releasing of my next eight music albums (LPs) with all the songs I wrote since I was 11 until today. Let me explain it in more detail.

Blurry Drops

The First Three Remedy Albums and ONE Surprise Album


What can I say? I love making albums. I have written new songs in the past months after the release of 'Unsent' with Luca. These new songs were meant for the next three albums I will share with you throughout the following years. I have been scheming and preparing this for a long time, and I can't wait to share my new music with you.

The first Remedy LP will be dropped in 2024, containing at least 16 new tracks. The other two Remedy albums also have at least 16 new tracks.

All three albums are closely related and yet so different from one another. Technically, they tell stories from my current life but still cope with my old wounds.


And in between I am going to drop a surprise album. A special one! :) Stay tuned!

All made by this Human, and
not AI.

Next Two Remedy Albums

However, that's not all. Since I was extremely young, I have been writing songs, and I had no chance to release them during my childhood and young adulthood. 


The plan is the following: After these three new records (mentioned above), I want to release my unpublished first-ever album, with songs from ages 11 to 20. To give you a taste, I have already released two old songs on my album 'Nope' as demo tracks, called 'Meggie's Love' and 'Is It All That I've Wanted.' But this time, I want to give you the studio versions and more.


Right after, I will re-record and re-release alternative versions of my second album, 'Man From The Woods,' which I released as a physical copy in 2006, and looking back now, it was my debut. The original CD had ten songs. However, the new versions will be recorded in a new way. I will give you five more tracks I couldn't record at that time due to lack of money since I used most of my side job income to repay student loans.


After my first and second albums, I signed a contract with Sony Music in 2010, as we all know. The consequence of this adventure was an album designed by a major record label to make a profit instead of supporting a songwriter. I feel no shame for creating this album 'Bullrider,' but I wish I could have had more say during its making. That's why my heart wants to drop my own 'Bullrider' version for you. At the moment, I do not earn from this 13-year-old album by Sony Music. Therefore, streaming it won't help me. Please do not stream it; wait for my version or stream my original music. And share this information.


'Sunshine' was an acoustic record I did in between. Instead of re-releasing this one, I will record professional studio versions and spread them throughout the other releases.

The Last Three Remedy Albums

While working with Sony Music and Universal Music, I always continued writing original songs - yes, I suggested them for my 'Bullrider' record, too. However, they did not want them. I am sure my followers always did. That's why I will share them with you soon.

I will drop two more albums with songs I composed in my twenties and thirties. I will assign one album to each decade to summarize some of my younger works.

Today, I have all the tools and means to fulfill my dreams alone, and I am happy about this. Since I am taking the role of the music producer, arranger, instrumentalist, record label, and video producer (and more) in my hands, I can shape my Universe and invite you to become a part of it.

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