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All songs were written by Meg Pfeiffer.


Click on song to open PDF file.

Unsent by Meg Pfeiffer and Luca Stricagnoli

Winter Tales

Coming soon.

1. Silent Writer
2. Up The Mountain
3. Simple Man

Winter Tales by Meg Pfeiffer


Coming soon.

1. Survive
2. Boss
3. Tommy
4. New York
5. You Don't Have To Go
6. Million Excuses
7. Never Enough
8. Blue
9. This Is How You End A Friendship
10. Mosaic Woman
11. Just The Way You Are
12. Ain't Got No Groove
13. Promises Are Simple
14. I Don't Care
15. Remember
16. You Don't Have To Like Me
17. China In Your Hand
18. Alive
19. Meggie's Love (Demo Version)
20. Is It All That I've Wanted (Demo Version)
21. When You Lost My Respect (Demo Version)
22. I've Seen Enough (Demo Version)
23. Time (Demo Version)

Nope by Meg Pfeiffer

Other Singles

Coming soon.

1. No Money
2. Love Is What We Need
3. You Are Amazing
4. The Moment Of Love
5. Push Baby
6. Friend In Music
7. Du Musst Noch Nicht Gehen

No Money by Meg Pfeiffer
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