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Meg Pfeiffer and Luca Stricagnoli

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hi, we are luca & Meg.

Meg Pfeiffer Cover 3000x3000(60)_edited.

For Your Consideration

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Four songs, one album, and one video have been accepted in the following categories:

Get to know Luca & Meg

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Music Production

Recording, Mixing

Additional Mixing

Sound Engineering


Album Cover Art

Video Production


Directed by

Meg Pfeiffer, Luca Stricagnoli

Meg Pfeiffer, Luca Stricagnoli

Meg Pfeiffer, Matthes Fischer

Matthes Fischer

Matthes Fischer

Meg Pfeiffer, Luca Stricagnoli

Meg Pfeiffer, Luca Stricagnoli

Meg Pfeiffer, Luca Stricagnoli

Meg Pfeiffer

Luca Stricagnoli

Acoustic Guitar, E-Guitar, Soprano Guitar, Guitar Percussion, Ukulele, Soprano Ukulele, Mandolin, Guitar-Banjo, U-Bass, E-Bass, Mouth Harmonica, Vocal, Back-Ups

Meg Pfeiffer

Acoustic Guitar, Piano, E-Piano, Indian Harmonium, Vocal, Back-Ups, Kazoo

All Songs were written by Meg Pfeiffer and Luca Stricagnoli, except Track 8, 'Parking Lot,' was written by Meg Pfeiffer (Publishing Universal Music Group).

stream the album here

Behind the scenes

Luca Stricagnoli plays banjo
Meg Pfeiffer produces Unsent
Luca Stricagnoli plays his invented soprano guitar
Meg Pfeiffer produces Unsent
Serracini guitars and Gibson guitar
Luca Stricagnoli plays his invented triple neck guitar
Matt Fischer Sound Engineer
Matt, Meg and Luca
Meg Pfeiffer plays piano
Luca Stricagnoli plays e-guitar
Meg Pfeiffer sings vocals and backings for Unsent
Meg and Luca


In 2022, on 11/11, the singer/songwriter and music producer Meg Pfeiffer and the solo fingerstyle guitarist and inventor Luca Stricagnoli released their first collaboration album, 22-track 'Unsent,' stretching from pop and rock to alternative, folk, and other genres. Both artists took over the recording engineer, arranger, producer, and mixer roles to create an authentic LP. The sound and master engineer, Matthes Fischer, finished the production. Featuring artists Nadine Auer, Arnie Lauer, and G-Shadow were invited to play along on the debut duo album.

The married couple created an acoustic version of their award-winning song 'Machine' and released the self-produced music video on YouTube. Meg and Luca have earned numerous accolades as artists. This includes, but is not limited to, winning Best Folk/Rock Singer and Best Singer/Songwriter at the German Rock and Pop Awards, attaining first place at the European Songwriting Awards, and being announced as the LIT Of The Year 2023.

 Their singles 'Machine,' 'I Do What I Want' and 'Change The World' won prizes at the InterContinental Music Awards, Global Music Awards, LIT Talent Awards, and Indie International Songwriter Awards.

Being artists with philanthropic motives, 100% of the income from all downloads and streams of the 'Unsent' album will be donated to Cancer Research.

Working together With

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