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Bullrider Experience

Since I do not have the rights to publish, share or present you the album 'Bullrider' on my pages and use their official photos they took of me I decided to create and record my own 'Bullrider' version for you. It will come out in the next years. I ask you kindly to support me by NOT streaming the Sony Music version but instead to wait for my release. Then stream it as often as you want to.

In the video line (above) I am sharing some of the older videos we shot. Unfortunately, I also do not have the rights on the first official music video we shot in Nashville. It was so beautiful and authentic. It has been exchanged with the "Cowboy" version video that you find now on my VEVO channel (above). I wish they could have shared the original Nashville version with you. You would have love it. I am sure of it. Who doesn't love realness, right? I am sorry that they kept this gem from you.

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