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List of Awards

From picking up classical guitar at age 8 and mastering the piano by age 13 to now, Meg has built a strong history of song and lyrical development ranging from Folk, Rock to Pop hits. She started writing her own songs when she was 11.

Growing up with a humble family and a decent income, Meg was always eager to gather money for her projects and started side jobs in her teenage years. 

Her musical inspirations were Alanis Morissette, Michael Jackson, Tori Amos, Sting, Eric Clapton, but also Hans Zimmer. She knew that if she wanted to sing American music as her idols, she had to go to the right place: America. With an exchange student program and a scholar ship she attended an American High School, participating in Marching Band and Color Guard. 


Inspired by a diverse range of music styles, Meg began her early career studying music at an elite boarding school in Germany and took classes in classical music theory, music history and ear training. Upon moving to New York Meg landed her first endorsed publishing deal at Universal Music to work as a songwriter and later extended her music sciences, sound engineering and philosophy studies at the "University of Technology” in Germany.


Today, Meg is well-respected for her elating voice and storytelling pieces, even participating in the final pre-selection for the ESC (the most prestigious song competition in all of Europe). And after leaving a contract with Columbia Records to publish her own songs, Meg’s track record as a songwriter, director, and music producer has landed her exceptional international recognition by major labels such as Universal Music and Sony Music, along with dozens of awards. Some of the more notable ones include (but are not limited to) attaining first place at the InterContinental Music Awards for Best Song „Change the World“, being a category winner and recipient of LIT Music Awards for Best Acoustic Song „Happy“, first place at the European Songwriting Awards and several Global Music Awards and Tracks Music Awards, earning an Award at the Worldfest-Houston Film Festival, New York Movie Awards, London Movie Awards and many more for her work as a Director of more than 72 video productions, and earning a YouTube Creator Award for her cinematic creations (full list below). 

On Valentine’s day in 2020 she has released her fourth 23-track album „Nope“ and won Best Singer/Songwriter, Best Folk/Rock Album, Best English CD of the year, Best Folk/Rock Singer and Best New Artist at the German Rock and Pop Awards. 

Her unique vocal timbre, together with her exceptional songwriting skills, creates a magical atmosphere that reaches the soul from the first note. By taking on the additional role of the producer, Megs musical vision became more authentic over the past decades. She released 64 original songs, and wrote several for other artists. Additionally, she has published numerous interpretations of famed hits, and albums and EPS, and she appears on compilations. 

With her love for cinematography and story telling, she also has created her own lyric and official music videos. 

Meg Pfeiffer has achieved international success using voice, loop station, drum pads and multi instrumentalism allowing her to rock the stage more than an entire band. Her career took off like a rocket with the release of her second album “Bullrider” (published by Sony Music), which landed in the top ten on the German charts and this was followed by a long list of TV shows, radio airplay and interviews. Throughout her musical career, Meg has played for brands of the calibre of MAN, Gibson, Mercedes, Audi, Chevrolet, Piaget and Yamaha, or even performing in arenas with over six thousand visitors. Through talent, dedication and hard work she and her music have been heard on a global scale as she embarked on an intense touring schedule that had her playing in more than 16 countries, from USA to Russia, from Canada to China or from Mexico to Italy.


Her fifth studio album Unsent is a multi-award-winning record that she created together with her husband, Luca Stricagnoli. 

Tonally, Unsent couldn’t be more different than Meg’s 2020 vengeful and dark 23-track album NOPE, written and recorded during the global pandemic in a small studio room in their former home in Germany.

Unsent was released on 11.11.22, since both love double numbers and decided to release the album with 22 tracks, too. The sound is baked in a Pop, Rock attitude and a folky alternative style favored by instruments like the e-guitar, acoustic guitar, e-bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and many more that were performed by the multi-instrumentalist Luca Stricagnoli. And yet, between rock songs like „Hunter“, „I Do What I Want“ or „Telling Me“, and pop tunes such as „Machine“ and „All Night Long“, there are day-dreamy and delicate songs, too. „And Then There’s Me“, „Happy“ or „Messed Up“ remind us, how magical Meg‘s voice can resonate between any synthesizer or piano sound. 

By now, Unsent counts 24 awards (including Honorable Mention Awards).

As a result, Meg never sounded stronger or more in control, since she writes, produces and releases her own music through their new-founded record label in Nashville. At the beginning of 2023 Meg and Luca moved to the „American Music City“, and relocated their production company to their new home, which is only 10 minutes from the Grand Ole Opry. 

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