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Fueled by passion and led with intentional expression, Meg Pfeiffer is a multi-award-winning singer/songwriter with a crystalline voice, currently based in Nashville. She is also a music producer, and a director who has brought new levels of genre-defying sounds and pictures to the American entertainment scene. Her music video productions are rendering 200M views, and her empowering performances have captivated the hearts of audiences across 26 different countries. Renowned on national and international scales, Meg holds a sensational 1M+ streams only on Spotify, built on the foundations of authentic album and EP releases 'Nope', ‘Winter Tales', and ‘Unsent' ranging from Pop, Rock to Folk.

Meg Pfeiffer Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer and Director

Pop/Rock Singer/Songwriter Meg Pfeiffer 2022

Meg Pfeiffer at age 7 when she started playing guitar

Meg Pfeiffer started playing guitar at age 8

Meg Pfeiffer Album 'One'


First album by Meg Pfeiffer


Meg Pfeiffer Album 'Man From The Woods Vol 1''

'Man From The Woods'

Second album by Meg Pfeiffer

Released as physical album

Sold Out

A dynamic entertainer with a new soulful vibe, Meg discovered an interest in music at the age of six. Michael Jackson, Alanis Morissette and Hans Zimmer wound up as her first biggest formative influences. Soon, she learned how to play classical guitar by the age of 8, later changed to pop/rock guitar, and she began writing songs when she was just 11. Shortly after she took piano lessons and started composing on it, too. With this as her base, it inspired Meg to create her first recorded (unreleased) album ‘One‘ as a young teenager. But also being an aspiring American artist originally based in Germany, it was an unprecedented challenge for Meg to progress within an environment that was not designed for progression.
Because of the lack of music development opportunities in her country, Meg later traveled to the United States and attended an American High School in Colorado, enrolled in Marching Band, Color Guard and Winter Guard, and ultimately made Long Island, NY her home to begin her music path.
Meg’s collection of songs soon converted to her second album ‘Man From The Woods’ - released only as a physical album at age 20 without any record label.

Inspired by a diverse range of music styles, Meg had already began her early developement studying music at an elite boarding school in Germany and taking classes in classical music theory, music history, choir, guitar, piano, vocal training and ear training. Later she extended her music sciences, sound engineering and philosophy studies partly at the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany.
However, Meg found a turning point in her career upon touring with an acoustic set. Catching the attention of producers while on stage, Meg landed the opportunity to sign with Sony Music/Columbia Records by age 22. During this time, Meg recorded hits at the famous Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville and other music studios in Berlin, worked alongside iconic music artists such as Dave Roe (Johnny Cash bassist), released her third album 'Bullrider' under Sony Music and appeared on national TV-shows like Pro7‘s 'Pop Stars' as music star guest or ZDF’s Fernsehgarten and many more.

Meg Pfeiffer Nürburgring Live

Meg Pfeiffer Live Performance at the 'Nürburgring' Festival

Meg Pfeiffer 'Bullrider' Sony Music


Third album by Meg Pfeiffer

Released under Sony Music

Meg Pfeiffer, Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer and Director

‘Bullrider’ was a collection of pop hits and a few originals, such as ‘Love Is Easy’, that found success in Germany, landing in the music charts and touring through whole Europe. ‘Poker Face’, an ebullient pop/folk/country interpretation of Lady Gaga's number one single, hit the German Music Charts upon its August 2010 release. In November 2010, she signed with Universal Music Group, which distributed several of her songs, too.

Since her childhood Meg wanted to write songs in her preferred genre pop/rock/folk, not country.
Though an incredible experience, she eventually stepped away not only from Sony Music, but soon also from Universal Music to maintain her integrity and ultimately begin creating her own empire.
Initially beginning this venture with an endorsement deal with Gibson and MAN, Meg soon found herself playing for additional brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Chevrolet, Piaget, and Yamaha, performing in arenas with over six thousand visitors and several times at ‘Nürburgring’, one of the biggest music festivals in Germany, performing shows before German superstar Nena (’99 Red Balloons’), and later also for Nashville-neighbor and YouTube Star Megan Davies.

Meg Pfeiffer in Nashville

Fast forward to today, Meg founded her record label ‘Muca Label & Publishing’ and production company ‘Naked Studios’ in 2018 alongside her musically acclaimed husband Luca Stricagnoli. Both perform ongoingly over 100+ shows annually.
Inspired by film directors and songwriters, such as Christopher Nolan, James Cameron and Hans Zimmer, Alanis Morissette, Sting and Eric Clapton, Meg has also filmed, directed, written and produced more than 75 music videos, 32 singles and 7 albums rendering more than 200M+ collective video views and 2M+ music streams.
Furthermore, Meg and Luca are also famed for inventing the Guitar Ring and the Triple Neck Guitar (designed by Luca, built by Davide Serracini) and have earned numerous accolades as artists. This includes, but is not limited to, winning the Best Folk/Rock Singer and Best Singer/Songwriter at the German Rock and Pop Awards, attaining first place at European Songwriting Awards, several Global Music Awards and LIT Talent Awards for their album ‘Unsent', and their songs ‘Change The World', ‘All Night Long', ‘Happy’ and ‘Machine', and earning an endorsement deal with Yamaha Music.

Meg Pfeiffer, Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer and Director

Founder of Muca Label & Publishing and Naked Studios

List of Awards

Meg Pfeiffer 'Nope' award-winning album


Fifth album by Meg Pfeiffer

Released, awarded

Meg Pfeiffer Sunshine deleted album


Fourth album by Meg Pfeiffer

Taken down

Meg Pfeiffer 'Winter Tales' award-winner

'Winter Tales'

EP by Meg Pfeiffer

Released, awarded

Meg Pfeiffer, Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer and Director

Sometimes Meg Pfeiffer favoured an edgier approach, and mixed up genres, as on 2019 album ‘Nope’ with 23 new tracks, including some of her demo songs she wrote at age 11 and older. The resulting record was released on Valentine’s Day in 2020 and went straight to position 8 on Singer/Songwriter Apple Music Charts and position 4 on Singer/Songwriter iTunes Charts in Germany. ‘Nope’ won Best Folk/Rock Album of the year at the German Rock & Pop Awards and its folksy single ‘You Don‘t Have To Go’ (written for her deceased father) and gentle-pop tune ‘China In Your Hand’ (written after an intense tour in China) resonated with her grown-up follower community.

Less than twelve months later, Meg released a gentle EP named ‘Winter Tales’. Track three ‘Simple Man’ has been awarded at the US Songwriting Competition, which consequently opened her the door to be listed and interviewed as one of the award winners in the Scott Ashley‘s Amazon charted book ‘How To Write Better Songs’.
Meg always writes, records and produces her own music. This is a necessary step to reveal she is perhaps one of the most versatile, savviest singer/songwriter and music producer of her German generation, one who could harness the zeitgeist with ease.

The 2022 album ‘Unsent’, a 22-track record in collaboration with her husband Luca Stricagnoli, is yet another strong, independent statement that comes with incredibly catchy hooks, supported by sharp lyrics. Once again, Meg arranged and produced a versatile sound landscape for each track, shaped by natural instruments and well-chosen synthesizers, that give a fascinating hearing experience in the alternative pop/rock genre.

The album contains the multi award-winning song ‘Change The World’, that received an InterContinental Award in California. Fellow participants also included Grammy nominees and winners. Additionally, ‘Change The World’ got awarded from the LIT Talent Awards, Indie International Song Contest, the One World Award and many more.


Sixth album by Meg Pfeiffer and Luca Stricagnoli

Released, awarded

Meg Pfeiffer and Luca Stricagnoli, 'Unsent' multiple award-winner


Seventh album by Meg Pfeiffer

In the Making

Release 2024

Meg Pfeiffer 7th Studio Album
Meg Pfeiffer, Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer and Director

In the middle of Music Production

Meg Pfeiffer, Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer and Director

Meg and Luca relocated to Nashville (USA) with the intent of furthering their music career, film productions and record label. It has set the pace for a new hit album to become underway for 2024 (title of album and its songs will be announced in autumn 2023), as well as a debuting documentary about the hardship of indie musicians in the show business, and the moving from Europe to Nashville, produced and directed by Meg, estimated to be released by the end of 2023.

From overcoming intense industry hardships to remaining authentic amid the lonesome path, Meg’s journey as an acclaimed artist was one filled with trials, hope, and a core ambition to be and do more. It also came with the recognition of how much your environment can hinder or help your progress, ultimately becoming the catalyst for Meg to relocate her production company and recording studio to the heart of  'America‘s Music City' to finally close that open link. This, in addition to her intense history of breaking traditional music chains, vocal ambiance, and reputation for accentuating the modern evolution of songwriting, is what positioned Meg to become the inspiring multi-industry icon she is today - making it quite exciting to see what new statement-making drops she will release next to raise the bar even more.

Working as a Video Producer and Director as well

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