Hi, my name is Meg Pfeiffer and I am living in a small village in Germany that is surrounded by little mountains, a bakery, very nice people and lots of forest.

I am 1,75m tall (5’9’’). I give names to everything, such as instruments, cars or even technical devices that I use very often.
I am an untypical German person, because I don’t drink beer, I don’t eat bratwurst, I am not so much into bread and I don’t have ‘Gartenzwerge’ in my front yard.

But I write songs. I love eating chocolate. And I love movies. These are probably the three most important facts about me you need to know. But there is always more to a story than a few facts that swim on a surface.

I see experiences and memories as things that I can put into my back pack which I am carrying with me every time. I keep putting things inside, and its color and shape is changing, too.
People say that we are supposed to live in the now and I always found it extremely difficult to do so. They say we shall focus on the moment, but very often I jump back and forth between the past, the presence and the future, depending on what I need. I imagine that the past, the now and the future are being represented by three different book shelves. And I find myself juggling from one shelf to another, trying to find the right book with the appropriate answer to my questions.

When I’m about to fall asleep I mostly come up with the best ideas for songs, videos and new projects, and it prevents me from falling asleep. I love sleeping, though. The person who invented ‘the bed’ is a genius.

I love science and I do think a lot about the universe, where we come from and how lucky we are to be actually here. When I have some free time I google about stars and planets, and about the unseen material that moves around us. I used to open an encyclopedia to find out facts about science and I remember how I loved touching the pages. Feeling them between my fingers and remembering their smell is a lovely memory from my past.

I am natural blond and the color of my eyes are grey-blue. I grew up in East Germany, although this information has nothing to do with the color of my hair and my eyes, but people mostly think I am either Swedish or they assume I am a Californian girl. I like both options very much. Nevertheless, I was born in Germany.

New York, Nashville and London are my favourite cities in the world.

I lived in the USA as an exchange student in the year of 9/11. My parents came home from work when it happened. They found out the news about two burning twin towers on national TV. It had given them the most terrifying and tumultuous time in their life, knowing that their teenage-daughter is staying in the USA. I went to a High School in Colorado and I lived 1,700 miles far away from New York but I still was in the United States, and who knew back then what else could had happened. We all lived in fear back in these days.

However, nothing has chancged my obsession with American and Canadian music since I have heard Alanis Morissette’s second album “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie” for the first time. At that time I was eleven.

Since then I believed that singing and composing is what I must do. I believed that this will be my contribution to this world. I have seen it as something pure and beautiful, when I was young. At that age I didn’t understand what actually happens in the music business for real. I didn’t understand that this business has changed immense since I started fulfilling my dream of becoming a musician. Additionally, growing up in Germany with a wish to do American pop music is probably something impossible to fulfil.

Until I turned sixteen I spent most times in my room, recording songs on tapes with my cassette recorder. This was the period of my teenager life when my wish grew to attend a boarding school where a specific musical education was being offered. Besides music theory and ear training, I had also lessons in singing and playing several instruments.

I spent my young years constantly surrounded by students and teachers. From the morning until night and even during the night we stayed up together watching DVDs of live shows from our favorite musicians.

This boarding school had strict rules and we had an immense schedule. However, I loved staying there with my friends. We shared books, CDs and instruments. We never watched local or national TV, but we were sitting in the park trying to finish our songs and pretending to be all-knowing and wise adults. I saw my family over the weekends when I was mostly overworked due to an uncountable amount of homework.

We went together to choir rehearsals and concerts. This school had a bunch of music rooms in the basement and I still remember the smell of these old monastary hallways. Buildings from the 11th century reminded people very much of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. Indeed, everyone was reading these books back in these days. Old big heavy doors were squeaking, the hard wood floor cracking and an old bell was tolling at beginning and at end of each class. It wasn’t just an ordinary bell. This bell was tolled every day by another student who was on duty. I did too, and my hands were wounded after using that old robe so often to toll the school bell.

I wrote songs and my friends and I recorded and analysed them. Even at night. Teachers scolded us for this, but we dreamt about being on stage ourselves. We felt like nothing could ever stop us. We were young and naive, but we were clear in our mind when it came to our dreams.

I listened to albums of Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Sting, Hans Zimmer, Joni Mitchell, Diana Krall, Jamie Cullum, Sarah McLachlan, Shania Twain, Tori Amos, Avril Lavigne, Colbie Caillat, Heather Nova and John Mayer. I always wanted to touch people with an honest and authentical voice as they did with me. Therefore, taking classical singing lessons has been a great experience but I understood that I had to change to Jazz/Rock & Pop singing lessons, because it felt like it was more appropriate for me to work with a natural voice.

Through all my idols I understood that a song doesn’t need to fulfil a cliche and it doesn’t have to follow a certain trend. It can be simple and timeless. At the age of 12 I also stopped taking classical guitar lessons and I asked my teachers to show me how to improve my songwriting skills instead. I had lots of guitar, vocal and piano teachers. All of them have been great towards my visions. Even when they sometimes didn’t understand my wishes. But they have granted it and shown me new ways how to make music.

I was on fire.

Since I did Abitur and left school I wanted to go back to the USA. This time I went for real to New York and I lived on Long Island, a place that shows so much respect towards art and I have never felt so much appreciation towards good music before. I fell in love with this place.
So, I understood that America is the right place where I have to be when I want to make the music that I like and also understand the best, because I grew up creating American and Canadian singer/songwriters music.

After my return to Germany I went to a University to study Music Scienes. My actual wish was to apply for a vocal class at a  Jazz/Rock & Pop College. However, I stopped counting how many times I have been declined.

After all, I signed a contract with the major label Sony Music and it went very well. I have met new people. I made new choices and at the end of this road, I had more experiences to put into my travel back pack.
While working with Sony Music I flew back to the USA. This time the trip brought me to Nashville and it has been one of my favorite times of all.

Directly in Nashville at the great Sound Emporium studios I have met Dave Roe. Apparently, he is the former bass player of Johnny Cash’s band and I couldn’t believe that he would play along to my version of “Pokerface”. It couldn’t be any better.

My experiences in the music business have taught me difficult lessons, though. After this hard work that I have put into my second album with Sony Music I went from zero to a hundred miles per hours until the big crash happened when I hit painfully a big stone wall.
I released my version of “Pokerface” on YouTube which I still play today at my shows and love very much. Unfortunately, I noticed a lot of sexual harassments, assaults and insults towards my music and my person. Comments about my outside appearance have increased, but very little respect has been shown towards my music and vocal skills. It didn’t matter if these comments came from envy or stupidity. Fact is, within a few days my video “Pokerface” got half million views on YouTube, which has been a great success for me. However, Sony Music and I decided to delete the video anyway. Instead, we released an acoustic version of me performing this song at the Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, where I also have seen Golden Records of Taylor Swift and other artists on their hallway walls.

I released a third album with a bunch of originals in 2015. Songs like “Like a rainbow”, “Parking lot” or “Get into my soul” ended up on my third album, although I wrote them during the production period of “Bullrider”, my second album with Sony Music. Between my second and my third album lays a time gap of 5 years. My first album though was released in 2007. It contains only originals.

Because I figured that life can be very complicated I wanted to have things simple, transparent and easy. Therefore, my home is rather bright and clean so that there is nothing that could distract me from working, creating and writing.

If I could turn back time and if I could choose an instrument to start with first I would choose to play the drums, because I love to do energetic and powerful things. It was always impossible for me to additionally learn how to play the drums. I loved beats coming from Hip-Hop, Pop, RnB and any other electronic music gerne.
When I use a loop pedal today I always love to combine several gernes from Pop over Hip Hop and RnB to Country. I don’t want to overthink musical decisions. I don’t give myself a name or put myself into a genre or category. The world does this automatically and I just give in and don’t want to fight it.

In 2015 I have met Luca Stricagnoli, who is the sweetest, funniest, honest, strongest and most handsome man I know.
Going together the path of music is wonderful. We are young and we travel and tour around the world. It can’t be any better.

I can’t believe you actually read my short personal story. Well, thanks for that.